Sunday, April 29, 2007

Terry Venables

I have a very small family. One aunt, one uncle and two cousins and that's it. My cousin Sandra lives near Manchester and, despite being brought up as virtually brother and sister, we have little contact. I send her birthday cards and she forgets to send me one, or probably can't be bothered. We speak about every other year, so not what you would call living out of each others pockets! Anyway, we needed to speak the other day and, when she had finally wrenched herself away from her horses, we had a nice conversation. What's that got to do with anything you might think? Well, nothing really except that it's nice to be in touch with people that you haven't spoken to for a long time. This brings me neatly to Carolina, a voice from the past, who got in touch as well yesterday and who admits to having nothing better to do than read this rubbish. She, and husband Steve, used to say that I looked like Terry Venables (above). Hmmnnn.

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