Friday, April 13, 2007

One track mind

Jan invited Gill, Terry and Katie for dinner last night. Getting a bit fed up with 'dinner party food', we all tucked into a meat lasagna with sticky toffee pudding for afters. With the benefit of hindsight, or more to the point, not much foresight, it was a bit of a stodgy pudding after so many carbs. Anyway, I stuffed my face and had indigestion all night.


Today was the second consecutive day of rain and, as I always optimistically say when it rains, "at least it's good for the garden." So, what do you do when it's too wet to be outside? Easy, you go shopping! Jan had set in her mind to visit Truffaut early this morning after Gill had told her of some 'attractive metal lamps' that could be pushed into the ground, at 3.95 each. After I had mentioned several times that we had no need to visit Truffaut, you guessed it, by mid afternoon we found ourselves 200 euros lighter and with a bunch of stuff that we didn't 'need.' OK, so Jan is thinking about the wedding later this year but, more to the point, when she gets it into her mind to do something, then it happens. And, to answer your question, we bought 10 of said lamps.

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