Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I can see clearly now

Jan has a much better sense of cost and disposability than I do. Under normal circumstances I would buy a pair of relatively expensive spectacles and then keep them until they, or I, wore out. We both wear contact lenses, but sometimes use glasses, and with her last lens delivery Jan received some advertising material suggesting that she order her specs by post. Being the inquisitive type she had a look. I, on the other hand, would normally poo poo such an idea. Anyway, she got my prescription and ordered me some glasses that she liked. The pair that she chose cost £12, lenses included. I have to say that they were very good, a bit like the pink plastic national health ones you used to get as a child (just kidding), especially when you consider that the last pair I bought in Nimes cost about £250. Two pairs of glasses (a pair for each of us) including £7.95 delivery came to £31.95. Just excellent! Can anyone beat that? Take a look here and get ordering. Peter H recently ordered some specs from Hong Kong. I'm not sure what they cost, but what I do know is that when they got here they had jet lag.

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