Thursday, April 12, 2007

Getting to know your computer

Mr Computer Repair Man returned Jan's machine last night. He had partitioned the hard drive, reinstalled Windows, and it appeared to be working properly again. What then followed was the 'fun' part. I started downloading updates, including SP2, which took several hours. Such fun, especially knowing that there will be lots more to do the next day. Having said that the Liverpool Champions League match was tedious so it helped fill the time until something interesting happened. Nothing interesting happened, so Jan got a lot of updates!


My mood nosedived this morning because I thought that her machine had broken down again, but, with a little fiddling, I realised that the router just needed re-booting and so 'we' were off and running again.


It's amazing what knowing your mayor can achieve for you. I know William quite well now and I like him a great deal. He has a very English sense of humour and we laugh a lot together. Anyway, I called him to ask if he knew an electrician (the last one hasn't returned a year after doing some work and I owe him money, so I wasn't going to rock the boat, as it were). He said yes, no problem, he would call one he knew and get him to call me. Within 30 minutes he (the new electrician) had called and by 15.30 he had visited the house and agreed to the work. Amazing. The next feat will be that he turns up and does the work, but I'll have to wait a little while for that one.

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