Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tell me again - you hoovered the court

Whilst April was a great month weather wise (the temperature in the second half averaged 24.8c), today, the first of May, was cloudy with some rain. The perfect weather to complete a job that I have been putting off for ages. I swept, and then vacuumed, a large section of tennis court. You see the bits from the neighbouring pine trees get stuck into the porous surface and are a devil to get out. Sweeping just doesn't shift them so it was out with the wet and dry for a good old suck. It worked, but god knows what the neighbours thought. I must have looked a real idiot. (No comment - Ed)
In between showers it was time to pack. Or, more to the point, Jan piled some clothes on the bed and asked me what I wanted. We're off to see my daughter Cara tomorrow. She has just bought a new house and rather foolishly invited us to stay. I'm sure she didn't expect us to say yes, but there you go, we accepted.
We went out to dinner tonight to Jill and Harry. They haven't been in France for a while, what with getting things ready for their daughter's wedding in June, but it was nice to see them and, more importantly, to get a good meal. Jill's a very good cook and always pushes the boat out. We started with asparagus and a foaming hollandaise sauce, then a perfectly cooked Dorade and meats from the BBQ and a choice of raspberries or lemon pudding to finish. I had both. Just excellent.

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