Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter in France, Spanish style

We had asked B&P to bring up some calcots (a Catalan speciality) for Easter Sunday lunch. They're a type of onion and resemble a leek, and are cooked by burning them over an open fire and then dipping the resultant, cleaned up mess, in Romesco sauce before lowering them down your throat. Absolutely delicious. Ben and I built a barbecue/firepit (pictured above) from scratch, out of a washing up bottle and the inner tubes from 12 toilet rolls. The Lloyds, who were in town, came round for lunch, so at least Jan and I didn't have to sit opposite each other trying to make polite conversation (you never make polite conversation - Ed).
The pictures from top to bottom: one of Jan's Easter decorations, Ben at our new fire stove, calcots before cooking, Paula, Jan and Ave, Paula showing us how to eat the calcots and Glyn showing us how to pose for a picture.
Just in case we hadn't actually had enough, the Lloyds invited us round this evening for aperos. I drank coke!

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