Thursday, April 19, 2007

Planning ahead

Clearing the 'Old Man's Beard' and overhanging branches from the next door garden yesterday was much harder than we thought but thankfully Jan is a good hard worker (and can be hired by the hour) and we had it finished by lunch time. The afternoon saw us mending the pipework, that is supposed to be buried in the ground, which drip feeds water to the fruit trees. I'll let you figure out which members of our household are naughty enough to dig up pipework and chew it until it is full of holes.


Whilst Jan went to a sewing class today (yes, you read it here first) Bryan and I worked on the logistics of keeping a few hundred bottles of wine cool for the forthcoming wedding. OK, I know that it's 4 months away but you've got to think about these things. I wasn't a cub scout for nothing don't you know. Anyway, having worked out how many containers and how much ice we would need we got a lucky break. I learnt that our village 'fete' committee have a refrigerated trailer, which they use for keeping wine cool, at village events, and I can have free use of it. There is an issue about the necessary voltage supply but, assuming that I can sort that out, then I can use it. Great!

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