Saturday, April 21, 2007

Pea soup

Whilst chatting over a few beers at the market in Sommieres this morning, I mentioned that I really needed to remove the pool cover soon. The temperature hits 20+ every day now and I dreaded finding a green sludge when the cover came off. Like most things, once you have done it once then it's pretty straight forward. Having been involved in covering the pool last November I realised that it would need at least two strong hands because if the cover drops into the water, of which there is a high chance, and fills with water, then it is a hell of a job to get it out. Advice flew thick and fast and I realised that I had planned to take it off in the wrong way. Help was at hand because Bob W very kindly offered to help and thank goodness he did. It all went smoothly until the last bit but we did manage to haul it out of the water. Surprisingly the pool water was fairly clear but was about to turn into a thick green soup. Thankfully the cover came off just in time.
Then started the long process of cleaning the cover, cleaning the pool and generally moving it away from something that will dissolve your flesh to something palatable to swim in.

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