Monday, April 23, 2007

Don't argue with an irritated Mayor

OK, so I guess you know the election results. However, when we played tennis this morning William, pictured above in a pensive mood, was argumentative and obviously not a happy bunny. He has definite left wing leanings and isn't too happy about Sarko getting ahead. You should have heard him arguing about the score in one game. I had to remind him that we were 4-1 up and even if we gave them the game we'd still kick their asses. It also didn't help, when we were having a coffee after the game, that Peter mentioned that there were far too many fonctionaires in France. William went on the defensive, as you would expect the local chief fonctionaire to behave, so I didn't think it prudent to weigh in with my thought that there are about 30,00 too many mayors in France. Best let him get over his grumps.


Whilst Jan cleaned and reorganised the garage today, I spent most of the day with both our own and next door's pool, uncovering and cleaning. Ah well, at least the tan was getting topped up!

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