Thursday, May 18, 2006

Yummy mummies

The sky was dull and miserable this morning as befits Arsenal's defeat the night before. Floyd's text to me read: "We're on the train, see you as agreed at 10.23 unless the bloody referee gets in the way again." I have to admit the referee was pretty poor, but a bad decision by him led to Arsenal's only goal. These things always swing both ways.

The funniest incident concerning last nights match in Paris concerned an interview with a young man.
Interviewer: Have you got a ticket for the game?
Youth: Yes
Int: Where did you get the ticket from?
Youth: My Dad
Int: And where's your Dad?
Youth: At home looking for this ticket!

So it was off to Nîmes this morning to meet a depressed Floyd and his brother Delano off the 10.23 TGV from Paris. Contrary to expectations, they were in good spirits and had just about got over their pain. Jan prepared a simple lunch, starting with tellines (a tiny little clam no bigger then a fingernail), which we ate on the terrace. The meal finished at 16.00. I just love long, lazy, chatty lunches.
We nipped over to Anduze, late afternoon, to visit the pretty park which Jan is supposed to have visited last Monday with her art class. The purpose was to sketch a few things that would grab your fancy for the art class the following Monday. I went along for the ride and all I could spot were a couple of yummy mummies who I wouldn't have minded as models anytime.
For dinner Jan cooked Mexican. Chilli con carne, fajitas and all the trimmings followed by a spicy mango pudding (mango and chilli powder - sounds horrible but tastes absolutely delicious).

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