Monday, May 29, 2006

One smart dog

So there we are, thinking that we have built a safe and secure chenile kennel with a fence 1.65 metres high. Needing to pop out for a short time, we made the mistake of walking past the dogs who were in the kennel, to the bottom gate from where we normally take them for a walk. Max got very excited, and anxious (he suffers from separation anxiety), but I feel that we have him well contained. Anyway, we were round at the gite and had been there for about 15 minutes when, who should come panting into the house, but a very excited Max. He had escaped from the kennel by climbing over the fence (this is a 40 kilo dog), let himself out of the garden and followed our scent right across the village. We were very surprised and somewhat shocked, but I couldn't be angry. That's what I call smart!


Another hotty today, with the midday temperature up to 30 C in the shade. W&C head off to the beach with one of Jan's great picnics, and return at 20.30 for a meal of warm avocado and bacon salad, Jan's famous ribs and tarte au citron. There I was moaning the other day that I hadn't had tarte au citron for ten years and then two come along at roughly the same time. There's a joke about sex there somewhere, but I don't have the muse!

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