Thursday, May 11, 2006

So where are you?

Anne, Cilla, Celia, Helen, Jane and Sue arrived as scheduled, for a little tennis, this afternoon. Rob, their coach, was absent! He'd lost his passport and therefore couldn't fly. What is it about tennis coaches and flying? Floyd, another good friend, has managed to miss his flight twice. Once because he didn't allow enough time to get to the airport and another after he had checked in but arrived too late at the gate. Notwithstanding this, the girls were in good form if judged by the amount of noise they made on court. They're a good fun group and we are always pleased to see them.


Dinner tonight had a 70's feel. We started with prawn and avocado salad, then slow cooked lamb and creme caramel to finish. We should have dressed up in hot pants, flared trousers and kaftans to give it that authentic feel. (The thought of you, in hot pants, is too horrible to contemplate! - Ed.)

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