Friday, October 08, 2010


Towards the end of the removal men's stay they dropped a bombshell by announcing that they couldn't fit any more onto the trucks (a huge truck and a huge trailer). They had already loaded 75 cubic meters of stuff and still had a lot to go.

When we arrived in France we camped in the house because we brought very little with us and have acquired the vast majority of what we are going back with. As he looked at the mountain of boxes that weren't going to make the trip Removal Man No 1 said, "is the house you're moving into smaller than this one?" I said, "yes," and as a chucker I laughed out loud whilst Jan, as a saver, hung her head in shame.

The good news is that the house were moving into here in France has a huge, empty garage, the bad news, we've got to move all the boxes.

I know I'll get the blame but even Jan can't quite figure out how she's going to blame me for this one.

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