Monday, October 04, 2010

Golf goes downhill

I haven't seen or heard any comments about this, but has anybody else noticed the crowd booing during the golf?

It seems to happen every time the Europe team hits a good shot or similar. 

You never hear it the other way round. Is the game being followed by a bunch of yobs now? I thought it was bad enough hearing booing on football terraces but at least that's usually associated with one footballer shagging another footballers wife, so it's somewhat understandable.

In tennis you quite often hear the crowd clapping when someone hits a bad shot but I can't ever remember anything like this.


Craig said...

The passion surrounding the Ryder Cup does indeed seem to be used as a free pass for loutish behaviour I'm afraid. It always seems much worse when it's being played over there too. No class.

Tails said...

Alex - I'm afraid old bean you are mistaken... the "boos" you hear quite often are the crowd calling out the name of english player Luke Donald... But they chant is Looooooooke.
The commentator on Sky remarked on it at one point.
I thought the crowd got a little out of control at the end - stupid idea to let them surround the last green, they were never going to be held back... but by and large they cheered euro shots, applauded good USA shots, and largely restrained from cheering mistakes... they seemed to let the mistake occur, and then cheer in encouragement of the opening for the european player.
"Working" at home has never been quite so distracting.