Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thinking again

Wherever you live around here, unless of course in the middle of a large town which has public transport, you need a car. For us it takes twenty minutes (ish) to get to the nearest decent supermarket. There is no public transport in the sticks (for hicks - Ed) so a car is essential.

With the recent problems we are now having to think carefully about what we do and where we go. It's a real pain in the arse. Having said all that we went to the market in Sommieres on Saturday and we both noted that there were lots of cars around and none of them seemed to be moving more slowly to conserve fuel.

I managed to get some unleaded from a local petrol station yesterday but they were rationing cars to twenty litres each and charging 1.45 euros per litre for all petrol. A real rip off but some might say they are very smart.


Keith Eckstein said...

We've got 600km of fuel left (spread across both cars) but we've got pushbikes. The village is only 4km away and town/school is 7km.

We'll cope - it'll be an adventure!

All the best


Alex said...

OK, I can just about imagine 4 Kms but purleese, 7Kms is nearly twice the distance!