Sunday, October 03, 2010

Is that a gun in your pocket?

So we're lying in bed this morning (do we really want to know this? - Ed), I'm watching the BBC news and Jan has got her head buried in a book.

One of the news items was about terrorism and how the US Sate Department is warning its tourists to avoid crowded places if they travel to England.

'Well that rules out London, Stratford and a few other places that I could think of,' I said to myself.

Anyway, as part of this item they happened to show a very attractive female police officer, with all her armour, holding a big mean automatic rifle. Me, I quite like this bizarre combination and said out load. 'Hmmmm, a good looking woman with a big gun.'

Without lifting her head from her book and without skipping a beat, Jan whispered, 'I'm sure that can be arranged!'

And there I was thinking that women can't multi-task?

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