Wednesday, October 06, 2010

David Dale Removals

The removal men were very impressive. Despite a 04.30 start and very full day yesterday they were back at the house at 06.30 this morning.

That's fine for them because they have lots to do but what does anybody else do at this ungodly hour? (You're updating this blog - Ed)

Still, Jan baked croissants when they arrived and they eventually left for their next stop after lunch. After dropping off a scooter in London, nipping over to Kidderminster and then heading on up to Boroughbridge in North Yorkshire, their company base, to get their lorry checked out and serviced, they get a rest.

They are then due to leave for home, Alicante in Spain, next Monday morning and, depending on workload, might get back to their loved ones a week on Saturday.

Now that's what I call hard work, and there I was feeling tired watching Jan move boxes all day.


Craig said...

I agree... what a dreadful job these guys have.
How long do you have to stay in the empty house until the temporary rental becomes available?

Alex said...

Hi Craig, we can finally move out on Saturday morning. Feels very strange at the moment. Hey ho.

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anita grace said...

I believe the simple reality... what a dreadful job these individuals have.How long do you have to stay in the empty house until the short-term rental becomes available?

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