Thursday, October 21, 2010


I read this recently on a Languedoc forum. It's a genuine comment, made just the other day, from an English parent here in France.

Just tried to take my kids to school at Collège Magame de Sevigné in Perpignan. The school was open but the pupils were rioting outside, building a barricade and throwing stones. Police were watching....for our safety I just brought them home again. I don't know if this is happening everywhere or if it is just a group of kids out of control. Certainly was surprised to see 11-15 year olds taking action....

Is it any wonder that children behave like this, mimicking the behaviour of adults, and parents and police just stand there and watch them do it?

Public misbehaviour is endemic in France, and this from a public who are arguably the most state pampered in the world.

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