Monday, October 25, 2010

Working through the night for you

So I'm sitting here at 05.45 because a gale force wind is blowing and I can't sleep. It's funny how neither of us can settle when the wind lets rip.

On arriving downstairs for a cup of tea it's immediately apparent that the wind doesn't sound so vicious and the dogs barely stir. What's with that? It's not as if we're living at the top of a light house.

Anyway, now that I'm awake I decide to fire up the 'puter to see what the forecast is for the day and then I drifted into reading all my usual rubbish only to find that many sites haven't been updated since yesterday. Doesn't anybody work through the night any more?

What I did establish (don't ask) is that if you go onto the 'la poste' site you can print your own stamps. How cool is that?


Craig said...

I appreciate your supporting the cause with your nocturnal scribbling.
It's always good to see something new to read. Keep up the good work.
How have M&M settled into the new house by the way?

Alex said...

Hi Craig, it took them about a week to settle and they seem quite a bit happier now. Having said that Max was even more reticent than normal to get into the car this morning when I took him for a short stay in kennels. I suspect that he's known since yesterday that 'something was up' because last night he was more touchy feely than normal. He's one smart, sensitive dog. It only took him two days to figure out how to open the front and back door here. Minnie on the other hand bounces through life with ner a care. Lucky her.
I forgot to ask how Boris found the trip from France to Scotland. Has he settled? We've got all that to go through next March.

Craig said...

Glad to hear they have settled so well. Boris has a love hate relationship with the car. He can't wait to get in but then it's quickly a case of "are we there yet". He pants badly in the car on longer trips so our French vet turned us on to a very mild sedative which doesn't seem to affect him at all except to stop panting. He was great, he laid down most of the way and we stopped every two hours for pee breaks and a walk. Research your UK hotels well as, unlike France, not all are pet friendly here.
He loves living here and the fact that people make a fuss of dogs here. He's a sociable soul.
Have a good trip.