Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Don't shout

What is it about women and decisions?

We arrived at mum’s last night to the sound of machine gun fire. I kid you not. A noise so loud that it was impossible to make conversation or make yourself heard. It was the fridge.

Now I’m no genius (agreed - Ed) but as there are very few moving parts to a fridge freezer I surmised that it must be either the door swinging wildly in the storm force winds in the kitchen, or the compressor.

"Turn the bloody thing off,” I shouted.

“Everything will defrost,” mum shouted.

“How long has been like this?” I shouted.

“Two days,” mum, who’s pretty deaf, shouted back.

I turned off the fridge.

“Nothing will defrost for about twelve hours if you keep the door shut,” I whispered.

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