Friday, July 18, 2008

You're going to put it where?

Things have been a bit hectic recently and in particular the last few days.

A few weeks ago Jan complained about mild chest pains and, after several very quick tests, she was admitted to hospital in Nimes. Yesterday she had an angiogram. This showed that she had a partially blocked coronary artery and this morning they inserted a stent. A miniature bit of expandable scaffolding (above) that will keep the artery open. It has all happened so quickly that we have hardly had time to think. But then again, who's complaining?

As I write, she is recovering well in the Les Fransicaines, a hospital specialising in heart conditions, just opposite the Foreign Legion barracks on the outskirts of Nîmes.

Talking about the the Legion Etrangeres, this is the same barracks that was featured on the television programme about the foreign legion this week. This is a bunch of soldiers that are best kept on your side!

Anyway, as you can imagine, it has been quite a tense time and I can't wait for my beloved to get back home. I promise that this has nothing to do with the fact that I'm bloody starving and I never want to see another sandwich again, ever!

In fact I lied. It was late when I got back last night and I couldn't even be bothered to cook (make a sandwich) so I emptied a back of leaves into a bowl, poured on some dressing, and ate some fruit. Some would say the perfect, easy to prepare (you mean lazy - Ed), low everything meal.

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Jacqui U said...

Please pass on our love to Jan. Sorry that she has not been well, and pleased that it has been picked up and resolved so quickly!

Richard has felt great after he had his three stents fitted, and was up and running straight after (OK, relaxed strolling...but that is retirement!)

So am sure that everything will work out well for Jan.

Jacqui and family