Thursday, July 17, 2008

Who'd be a golfer?

As I watched some of The Open this afternoon on television, with the wind and rain sweeping horizontally over the course, I thanked heaven for small mercies and took a sip of my pina colada before I headed out into the blazing sun to check whether our peaches are ready for gathering.

Whilst I'm in Farmer Giles mode, I think that I should mention that I'm still not sure if the mildew will ruin the grapes. It'll be touch and go. Heaven knows I've sprayed them enough but it's such a pesky fungus that it's difficult to protect against never mind prevent. With such erratic and variable problems to deal with, who'd be a wine maker? Not me. As I dozed fitfully this morning at around 05.00, I could hear them working in the vineyards, presumably spraying. It nearly made the rain at Royal Birkdale seem appealing. Errr - just kidding.

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