Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A lucky man

You'd have thought that walking the dog was quite a harmless activity. Not around here. Bryan was out with his dogs yesterday in the garrigue behind his village. He noted that they were widening the tracks that he was walking on, presumably to make them more efficient firebreaks, when he saw this big cloud of dust ahead. He called the dogs and got them under control when this huge tractor pulling an even bigger flaying device turned around about 40 metres ahead of him. Suddenly this cricket ball size stone came flying towards him and struck him on the side of the head severing the cord holding his sunglasses and causing some damage to his otherwise impeccable features. He was a very lucky man because had he not turned his head at the last moment the stone would have hit him full in the eye. He returned home dazed, very sore and almost certainly concussed. So much for a quiet stroll in the country!

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