Friday, July 25, 2008

Dyson, now that's what I call service

We have one of the first Dyson cleaners, and at a guess I'd say that it's about 8 years old. It works pretty well but just lately hasn't been too good on the few bits of carpet that we have. I called Dyson France and the lovely Veronique (you are so easily distracted! - Ed) asked me to parcel it up and Chronopost would collect it the following afternoon. If my beloved hadn't been a bit of a hoarder, god knows how we'd have boxed it up, but she disappeared into the garage and came back with an enormous box. Despite waiting for Chronopost, all afternoon Tuesday, they finally called at 18.42 to say that they'd pick it up the following morning. This they did at 10.46. That was Wednesday morning.

Grief, the vacuum arrived back this morning, fully serviced with lots of new bits, all the way from Paris. They'd received it, serviced it and returned it the same day. Now that's what I call service!


Wendy Johnson said...

for free?

Alex said...

89 Euros all in, including the service, all the spare parts and transport.