Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More toys to play with

Late yesterday afternoon my new toy arrived. Whilst on its way here, it seemed to spend a few days in the north (near Lille), presumably in customs, however it was delivered by UPS as promised, and on time. That's pretty neat really.

Anyway, then started the 'fun', transferring all the settings from the old computer to the new. It's a job that is time consuming and boring so I let it run through the night. At 05.30 (during an unscheduled night time run to the bathroom) I noticed that the transfer had finished so I set about installing all the rest of the gunk that would make my life easier (and happier). I finished at about 12.30 today.

It's been such a long winded process that I'm already bored with my new toy and I'm off to play with the box that it came in!

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