Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Tropical Boot Company

It was an interesting day. I was contacted by an old friend, who used to be in a band with me in the 60's, who now lives in Singapore. I knew him from my youth in Harrogate. Not only was (is) he a very nice chap, but we got into a few memorable scrapes together which helped shape my early life. Our group was a forerunner of the band put together for the film The 'Blues Brothers'. We became known as 'The Tropical Boot Company' and had exactly the same line up as the band in the film. We played the same music and had exactly the same singer and instrument lineup. For the record I was one of two singers and I was the short fat Belushi character. Ahhh, those were the days! And, the only major difference - was that we did it all 10 years before the film came out, we were real and relatively unknown and the others were fictional and very famous . However, amongst our claims to fame, we played an all nighter with Georgie Fame at the King Mojo, Pete Stringfellow's club in Sheffield, got called in a short notice to replace Pink Floyd at Leeds Queen's Hall, played support to Aretha Franklin at Reading Uni and played a couple of gigs at the Marquee Club when it was in Wardour Street. Great fun.
Then, a little later and again out of the blue, very nice friends from London wrote to say that they are coming out in May.

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