Monday, March 19, 2007

Early birds

So there we were, it was 05.45, we'd checked out and we were sitting in the huge deserted mausoleum they call the lobby, waiting for the taxi. It was eerily quiet, with nothing stirring, when we saw the glass sided lift start to move down from the top floor. Who could possibly be around at this time? Probably some other poor schmucks with a very early start. No, it was some even bigger schmuck, carrying his pool towels. He'd been sent to claim poolside loungers before 6 in the morning. If anyone suggested that I get up at that ridiculous hour to bag a lounger I suspect they'd have a row with me. And, for the record, if I sound a bit grumpy it's cos I am!


We probably had the only taxi driver on the island who had not had kamikaze training. He took us north to Los Rodeos airport. We arrived in good time and the airport was very quiet. You couldn't help but feel that it was still in mourning for the loss of life 30 years ago. Having said that the small inter island planes that did take off kept leaving from alternate ends of the runway. What's all that about?


Our Ryanair flight to Girone was trouble free with one very big exception. We had just passed Barcelona and were on final approach when we hit almighty turbulence, to the extent that we both lifted out of our seats and banged our heads on the lockers above. Anyway, Biggles got the plane under control and took us back out to sea to approach from a different direction. He landed sweet as a nut but I have to say that we were both very frightened.

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