Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Restaurant Alexandre

That's it. This is the place to eat. Restaurant Alexandre, 2 rue Xavier Trone, Garons, (close to the airport outside Nimes) 0466 70 08 99, had been on our hit list for some time and, as we'd seen recently that chef Michel Kayser had just won his second Michelin star and, as we had two birthdays to celebrate (Jan and Harry), we booked ourselves in. Wow, it was good.
Where to start? Menus started at 42 euros, the next being 59 euros. Whilst I'm sure the cheaper ones would have been great, the first menu that really grabbed me was the Menu Degustation at 72 euros (sponsored by WeightWatchers and American Express). In fact that's what we all ordered. If you add in the little extras that they deliver before the main meal we had eight courses in all, all relatively small with exquisite tastes and perfectly cooked. By the end of the meal I felt full but not unpleasantly so. Service was swift, polished, friendly and attentive. The wine list was huge and they offered a good range of local wines at reasonable prices. You need quite deep pockets but Jan rated it as the best meal she has ever had and I agree. The garden to the rear of the restaurant was beautiful and I can't wait to eat there in summer. It was a very memorable occasion and highly recommended.

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