Sunday, March 18, 2007

Los Gigantes

We were invited out for lunch today. Mum's long standing Italian friends live in the next village, Los Gigantes. They have an apartment overlooking the marina which looks out to the spooky cliffs of Los Gigantes. Both she and husband Mario are retired restaurateurs so we expected a feast and that's exactly what we got. We started with a carpaccio of red snapper, caught by Mario, mushroom (porcini picked in the mountains) risotto, and sea bass, again caught by Mario. Just excellent. They were great hosts and we (pictured above) were very fortunate.
It was our last night tonight and mum, who is staying another couple of days, was sad to see us go. In fact, whilst I have just about had enough, ten days is enough for me, I'm also a little sad. I haven't holidayed with mum for a couple of years and we've had a great time. She will head back to England on her own on Tuesday. Not bad for an 82 years old. If I had to come back to Tenerife I would definitely stay at this hotel again. That's the acid test. Talking about an acid test, the taxi comes for us at 06.00 tomorrow morning. See you back in France.

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mpprh said...

I see.
Los Gigantes is the village.

Silly me thinking it was the photo caption !