Saturday, August 09, 2008

Something different

Despite recent rumours of bedlam at the bar, we set off for Sommieres market this morning. We hadn't been for a couple of weeks and well, you know, a drink with friends is important. (That's what all alcoholics say - Ed). Not that we expected to see many friends, it being August an' all.

Anyway, on the way there Bryan called and said the place was like a zoo. Too many people and no tables. Bloody tourists. It made me remember that at this time last year I swore I'd wouldn't go to Elie's in August. We agreed to meet up at the bar next to Intermarché, Brasserie Le Farigoule . There was plenty of room, good beer and a very good burger and chips for lunch. Good, hearty, weight watchers fayre. We always come away with a smile.

This afternoon it was over to Glyn and Gill's for drinky poos and then this evening it was over to Christine and William's place for a barbecue. Grief, what is it at this time of the year?

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