Monday, August 18, 2008


Apart from having to deal with a kidney stone yesterday, most of the time was spent preparing for today's trip to the UK. I haven't seen my mum for eight months and whilst chatting on the phone, she even said that she was looking forward to seeing me (some mistake, surely? - Ed).

Anyway, I'm writing this from one of Harrogate's less salubrious hotels because there's no room at the inn, as it were.

We flew from Nimes into Liverpool this lunchtime where I'd arranged to meet up with my Italian aunt and uncle who had justa arriveda from Rome. My aunt, mum's sister, who she hasn't seen for three years, is staying at mum's house, hence no room at the inn. (Do we need to know all this? - Ed)
Having now arranged for my small family to get together in Harrogate, the next challenge is to get back to France without putting on any weight. The impossible dream.

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