Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Whatever you do, do not attempt to visit the Montpellier Ikea in August. It was quite cloudy yesterday and we had (and still have) a couple of things to get so off we went.

Grief. What a zoo. We usually park in the massive carpark under the shop but this time I couldn't find a single space. It's never usually more than half full but the best that we could do was drive straight through. It was madness. The number of out of town plates was amazing.

I jokingly suggested that maybe someone was advertising it as a new holiday destination. My very brainy beloved pointed out that as it was a cloudy day a lot of local holiday makers probably decided to skip the beach and head off for a bit of retail therapy. Couldn't argue with that reasoning. When all was said and done that was exactly what we were doing.

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