Friday, August 22, 2008

Gentile Harrogate

We were eating breakfast again at Bettys yesterday, sitting next to two silver haired, gentile, elderly ladies. We both ear wigged their conversation which turned out to be very amusing. The nature of the conversation told us that they weren't that close. Lady A was telling Lady B about how well her daughter was doing.

Lady A, "She must be doing well, they keep calling her in to do more work."

Lady B, "Where does she work?"

Lady A, "Oh, she works at Woolworths."

Lady A then tries to impress Lady B about her good friend Beryl.

Lady A, "Beryl is going back to Spain for six weeks tomorrow. Her man friend has bought her a new table and chairs. He's very wealthy, he's 86 years old. But unfortunately the weather has been so bad that she hasn't been able to sit out."

Lady B, "Do they live together?"

Lady A, "They both have their own houses, but yes, (hesitating) when they're in Spain they live in the same house."

Lady B, "Do they have separate rooms?"

Lady A, hesitating even more, "Oh yes, they have separate rooms."

Lady B, "Yes, that's what you want. A wealthy boyfriend and separate rooms."

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