Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Miller Howe

Leaving our third hotel of the trip yesterday, we headed north to the Lake District. Jan had never visited the Lakes before so this was a trip of discovery for her.

Having missed breakfast, because we got up too late, we stopped at the first motorway service area that we came to. No smoked salmon and scrambled eggs here 'mes braves.' I thought that all motorway service areas had been refurbished. First Services at Bolton West, hasn't, it's a right dump. It was awful. It hasn’t been touched for years. Avoid it like the plague.

When we first planned this diversion we hadn’t realised that this was a Bank Holiday Monday. As we headed north up the M6 the traffic was heavy, with lots of cars heading for Blackpool, but with the majority coming towards us. What they knew, but we didn’t, was that it was raining, it was pouring down in the rain sodden Lakes.

Our target was the Miller Howe Hotel, somewhere that I’d visted about 35 years ago. It's quite a special place and chosen as a treat for Jan.

The upside, pretty much everything you'd expect from a good hotel, but the downside, it rained the whole time. That gave the stay a 'moody feel'. We had a room with a fabulous view (above) overlooking Lake Windermere (also known as Campbell Soup for the perverted historians amongst you) with low cloud and mist the order of the day.

We're all fussy about our beds, but this was arguably the best bed that I've ever slept in. I was sleeping like a log at 08.00 when our cup of tea arrived. Cool.

It's not cheap but if you want a special weekend, this is the place. Highly recommended.

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