Friday, August 01, 2008

There are so many small jobs to do at the moment. Jan's new screen arrived this morning so that needed installing. Her computer was also running very, very slowly and I had an idea as to what the cause might be. I took the cover off and established that it was full of dirt and dog hair and in particular the cooling fan and fins for the processor were absolutely filthy. Bingo. I hoovered the box out thoroughly and cleaned up the cooling mechanism for the processor and now its like a new machine. Full of enthusiasm, I then cleaned out my old machine which I'm moving to the hall for guests to use. It was also filthy inside and certainly improved with the clean up. I'll tackle a reformat of the C drive later when I've established that everything has transferred over successfully to my new machine and, more importantly, when I've plucked up enough courage.

Trouble is, I don't usually have enough courage until I've had a drink and that's when I am likely to make mistakes. Mistakes like push this button and see what happens type mistakes. Still, if Chris W can do it then surely anybody can do it?

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