Thursday, August 21, 2008


I'd forgotten to bring my eyedrops (for glaucoma) so I popped into Boots and spoke to the pharmacist who was very sympathetic but refused to sell me the drops without a prescription. Bum. It's not bloody cocaine or anything like that, so I had to sign on with a local doctor to get my prescription.

Waiting my turn to see the medic I was amazed to see how quickly people were going in and out of the consulting rooms. I reckon that one doctor saw three patients in about ten minutes flat. This doctor was dishing out prescriptions at a phenomenal rate. This compares very unfavourably with my experience of the care in France where you always get your blood pressure taken and no appointment lasts less than fifteen minutes. Interesting.

Anyway, my turn came and I got my free prescription very quickly with no questions asked, and no demand for payment, but with an inference from the doctor that the pharmacist was being a bit over cautious. Hmnnn.

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