Sunday, August 24, 2008

Menwith Hill

No matter how often I do it, driving past Menwith Hill (above) just outside Harrogate, always spooks me. The huge 'golf balls' look very incongruous and sinister in this bleak countryside. It's a top secret military establishment and I believe that it's the largest electronic monitoring station in the world, and that it's a major link in the early warning system. It's stuffed to the gills with American service personnel who can't talk about what they do, and it strikes me that it would be one of the first places in England to be attacked in the event of a major nuclear conflict. Harrogate would be very gentile right up to the last moment!

Anyway I'm following a Smart car over the moors with a personalised plate 1 CRM when it occurs to me that the registration plate is worth a lot more than the car. How odd.

You see lots of slightly unusual things like that around Harrogate. Like a very powerful Jaguar XK, with a registration plate JT 4, showing a disabled badge in the windscreen. Now call me old fashioned, but I'd feel a lot happier if this very lethal piece of machinery wasn't being driven by someone who qualified for a disabled sticker.

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