Thursday, July 22, 2010

Strange bedfellows

What have buffaloes and Formula 1 got in common? Read on mes amis, read on.

After a conversation with mum about mozzarella, the other night, I popped into Waitrose to get her a treat. She likes the buffalo mozzarella made by the Italian company Garofalo and Waitrose is where you can get it.

Anyway, on the shelf right next to it was a buffalo mozzarella made in England. That's like Parmigiana made in Preston. Kinda weird. I'd vaguely remembered reading something about it and, being something of a mozzarella aficionado myself, I decided to get some.

The English stuff is made by Laverstoke Park Farm near Basingstoke in Hampshire. And very, very good it is too. Reading the blurb inside the wrapping it was signed off by someone I recognised. It looks like the place is owned by Jody Scheckter the former world champion Formiula 1 driver.

A South African making a typically Italian product, mozzarella, in England. How strange is that?

Looking at the website they do other interesting things as well.

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