Sunday, July 25, 2010


Is it just me, or does anyone else have problems with easyJet flight information?

I had an early morning pick up at Montpellier this morning so checked whether the flight from Luton was on time. Not only was there no mention of the flight at all but on the first line it showed a Gatwick to Montpellier flight which was supposed to land at exactly the same time but the arrival information showed it estimated to arrive two hours before it took off. Not only that but the flight doesn't even exist.

It's no wonder that Ryanair took a run at easyJet recently. It might have cost him some money but I suspect that it was a point well made.

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Boris said...

easyJet seem to be having a tough time of it recently. Too bad as I've found them quite decent until now. I'll ask my neighbour here - he's a pilot for easyJet!