Friday, July 23, 2010

A new find

Whilst buying the ingredients for last nights dinner (let's get this right, you consider a pre-prepared Indian meal an ingredient? - Ed) I came across an Italian wine which I like and which is quite difficult to find.

Sainsbury's, who also produced the king prawn puri and chicken jalfrezi, have just started to sell a (Giardini) Falanghina from Puglia. Puglia is the region where mum's from so I thought that it might be a tasty trip down memory lane.

No joy. She had never heard of Falanghina or, as it happens, a Greco di Tufo, another favourite from the south of Italy.

A little tip. If you go to an Italian restaurant don't look at the wine list and just ask the Sommelier if he has either of the above wines. He'll be impressed with your knowledge and treat you with absolute 'respect'.

Which is quite important if you're Italian, and don't fancy waking up next to a horses head!

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