Friday, July 16, 2010

Big chill in Nimes

One of our party was drinking this stuff last night and, despite the name, we all thought it tasted OK.

Anyway, during July and August on Thursday nights, the old part of Nimes between the Maison Carré and the Arene, has a festival atmosphere. There are lots of craft stalls and nice music by live bands around every corner.

The atmosphere is very relaxed and very family oriented. Excellent.

After our obligatory pizza we wandered down to the Arene and sat outside to listen to that nights live entertainment. The band (Gossip) sounded really good,

all part of the Festival of Music every year, at this time of the year.

Stevie Wonder performed earlier this month, appropriately, on 4th July.

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Boris said...

Lucky you... sounds like a perfect summer evening.