Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A good son

As we ate dinner last night mum said, "do you realise that this is the first dinner you have ever cooked."

I soon put her right on that one. For a start I'd cooked the night before. (You warmed up a ready made meal! - Ed) I had to remind her that when I was fourteen she buggered off to Italy for six months and, along with trying to be a model pupil, I was left to run the household for me and my father. I shopped, cooked, cleaned, ironed and generally did everything that was necessary for the smooth running of the house.

I don't remember my father lifting a finger (maybe that's where you get it from? - Ed).

As you can tell, I'm still scarred.


Jan said...

Just don't be TOO impressed with the list of Alex's skills!!

Alex said...

Oi! Leave you alone for five minutes and you start getting bolshie.