Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Animal mysteries

With a promise of a reward in heaven, I was making a cup of tea this morning, at some ungodly hour, when blow me but I noticed a pigeon in the dining room trying to get out of a window (that was shut). Where the hell did that come from? Had it been there all night? How had it got in the house? There were a lot more questions than answers.

Then, this evening Max disappeared. We have no idea where he went or how he got out because he appeared out of the blue at the front door, some time later and pleased as punch with himself.

Me, I'm stumbling around in the dark at the back of the house, feeling less than happy with him, and then Jan finds him at the front.

Bloody animals! Still, the octopus got it right again.


Boris said...

What a handsome fella (and before you get started, yes it's Max I'm talking about)!

Alex said...

Thanks Boris that's very kind of you.