Sunday, February 21, 2010

What exactly don't you understand?

Ha ha. It was Saturday, so it must be Sommieres and the market.

That also means a wee drink. It was an excellent table, so it turned into a 'big drink.'
Full of 'bonhomie', despite talking to people like Bryan, Peter, and Geoff, it was a good laugh. Especially when Geoff started to talk about his past life and his experiences with with 'the boys' in sarf London.

God, I thought that I was well connected. Still, we shared a mutual love of Italian food and things Italian, so that was alright then.

Talking about people who 'don't understand' (we weren't -Ed) and following recent articles about jurors who can't follow a judges' directions, I thought that this was funny. And to think that these people could send you away for 20 years or more. Scary.

They should come to the market in Sommieres, we'd sort them out!

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