Monday, February 15, 2010

Sorry officer - I didn't realise

Grief, it's dark at 07.00. I can't remember the last time I got up that early. Accompanied by Jane (she of Tom Tom) and her dulcet tones, it was off to Béziers airport this morning to meet friends.

Talking of Tom Tom, ever since we have lived in France the section of the A9 motorway around Montpellier has been restricted to 110 Kph. I even wrote to TT a couple of years ago to tell them that their maps show it as 130 Kph and, to make matters worse, they show a speed camera or two advising of the lower speed limit. Anyway, today, eight years later the satnav showed the correct speed. Whilst I know that France lives a little behind the times and they don't really like change, in my mind, they were pushing it a bit with that one.

If you think that living in the south of France is all sunshine and roses then think again. The outside temperature was -6C for most of the journey and reached a tropical plus 1C on the way back. Baby it's cold outside!

The airport at Béziers, which serves quite a densely populated ex-pat English area, is quite cute (serves good coffee) and is closer to our village then Marseilles. That now makes five airports that are fairly close to us and that we would consider using when checking flight times and prices. Cool.


Wendy Johnson said...

oi - that's my photo...

shoi said...

you can just put France as a start point / destination and work it from there
much better than clicking all over easyjet irish b*****d bmi etc