Thursday, February 25, 2010

Now that's a good deal

After receiving a text message containing a list of yet more bloody things to buy, day two of my very expensive shopping trip beckoned (Er, shouldn't that be a quick trip to see your elderly mother? - Ed).

The Vatican is bound to put me on a fast track to sainthood when they get wind of all this.

Anyway, it was off to down-town Harrogate this morning. Harrogate, where there are more BMWs per square inch (except Munich) and more yummy mummies per square inch than anywhere in Italy. Excellent.

Shopping over, it was over to Leeds this afternoon to take my mother to her hairdresser. That now makes me the most expensive taxi service ever! But of course I was pleased to do it, instead of putting my feet up, reading the paper and relaxing at home.

Anyway, having weighed and boxed up all the shopping it came to 8 Kilos. Now carrying that lot with Ryanair, at £15 a kilo would have come to £120, not the cheapest way of buying Marmite you may think. But I rang my newest best friends at
Parcels Please and for the ridiculous sum of £11.75 I arranged to have it picked up from mum's house and delivered to France, door to door. Good value eh, considering that it costs £11 to send 2 kilos by Royal Mail?


Boris said...

Alex - thanks VERY much for this information. I ha dno idea this company existed and it will be very handy for us too on those UK shopping expeditions. Appreciate it.

Alex said...

My pleasure. There's another one as well at a similar price but I can't remember their name at the moment. I'll post if the box arrives in one piece, next week.