Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Saint Alex

So you wait all winter for the weather to change, and it does.

As you arrive at Girona it's sunny and a very pleasant 16C, and all is right with the world (except that I won't have time for lunch).

That is until you get to Leeds, two hours later, where there is snow on the ground and the temperature is 3C. If that isn't bad enough, after sitting on a plane for two hours and getting a very numb bum, I then have to head off to a supermarket to start on the long list of goodies (Jan calls them essentials) that I have been charged with obtaining by her indoors.

Great! But I must admit I put one or two extra goodies in the cart for me to stuff my face with over the next couple of days, just in case my mother forgets to spoil me. Well, there has to be some reward for my selfless good works!

Talking about rewards, I really pissed my mum off when I told her that I'd have to watch a very important football match tonight.

Why don't any of the women in my life like football?

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