Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tiger Woods

What a shambles the Tiger Woods 'apology' was yesterday.

Why does he feel the need to apologise to 'the world'? He's done me no harm. He hasn't changed the way that I behave or feel.

'Man has a series of affairs', big deal. Some (like you -Ed) might be jealous.

If you start to think about it in those terms then it makes his ridiculous, robotic 'apology' look nothing more than the money grabbing exercise it was. Basically he was saying 'sorry' to his sponsors, who were there in number in his personal audience, and indirectly trying to keep the money rolling in.

What a pathetic, disgraceful attempt at media and public manipulation.

Until that point I admired his sporting ability and basically felt sorry for him, given that his marital problems got such a public airing.

Now I think he's a tosser and I'd go out of my way not to purchase his endorsed products.

It was a PR disaster. Idiot

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Carolina said...

hear hear!