Saturday, February 27, 2010

Warming up

It was very cold (2C) and wet (sleet) when I left Leeds, for Girona.

I was dressed to the hilt in order to stay warm and dry. But I felt a bit of a plonker when we landed in Spain because it was sunny and 16C. I had to put the air-con on in the car to stay cool. All very weird.

Anyway, after checking into our favourite little spot on the outskirts of Barcelona it was down to meet the family for dinner and see the delightful 22 months old Kate just before she went to bed.

What a sweetie. Dinner was excellent. We started with a chopped marinated tuna on a bed of avocado and tomato. A starter to die for and even Jan who isn't a great fan of raw fish finished the lot.

It's so good I'll post it here when I get the recipe.

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