Friday, February 12, 2010

Call me stupid

Phew, that's better. I've had a problem getting full access to Blogger over the last few days and I've been trying to eliminate possible causes. Call me stupid (any more stupid and you'd be watered twice a week - Ed) but when things don't run smoothly I get agitated and can't rest until things get fixed.

Anyway, this morning I'd had enough and called my new best friend, Keith. He had my problem sorted in no time at all. I met Keith a couple of weeks ago when I purchased a caching proxy server from him.

I'm generally intrigued with things technical and having seen his
site here, I decided to get one.

If, like me, you suffer with a poor download speed (I'm paying for 1MB but don't always get that) then I would certainly consider
this appliance.

In layman's terms, what it does is hold in its cache (store) a lot of the information that you would normally download from a website, thereby avoiding the need to download the information again and thereby speeding up the process. It doesn't improve the internet speed because that's down to good old creaky France Telecom/Orange but it does improve things considerably at your end.

I hope you're paying attention!

It does other smart things as well but, from my simple perspective, it works. It makes my browsing experience much faster. With a speed of 2Mb+ I doubt that you would notice a difference but I could be wrong.

Contact him, it worked for me.

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Bob Walder said...

Alex - drop me a quick e-mail before spending on this stuff :o)